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ZEAL WELLNESS contains the best Super Foods the planet has to offer: Stabilized Rice Bran, Moringa Oleifera, Acai Berry,Aloe Verra, Noni, Goji, and more.
ZEAL WELLNESS was formulated with WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION at the forefront of each ingredient decision.ZEAL WELLNESS has lit a spark in the revolution of returning to healthy eating by providing a nutritionally rich drink that deliver WHOLE FOOD goodness to your body.

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​Genesis of Zeal​

For centuries,mother in India believe that rice bran held certain healing powers that worked wonders for their ailing children.

​When a child or relative was unhealthy,a mother would often rush to the local mill and collect the freshly-milled rice bran from the abandoned pile.She would then immediately prepare a broth from the bran and feed it to the child,who would often recover.

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The Zeal Wellness is only 48 calories a serving and has no artificial color,sweeteners or preservatives.